CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — The staff at Chesapeake Regional Medical Center got the chance to blow off a little steam on Friday.

Friday’s health care Olympics was all in good fun.

And as 10 on your sides photojournalist Jack Noonan saw, it was just what the doctor ordered just a couple days after the end of National Nurses Week.

“Just showing the staff … that we love them and that this has been a trying time for the hospital and this season with covid but they stood out and stepped up the game and Chesapeake is rockin’ it,” said Shree Grant, with the quality and safety team.

Leslie Hawkins said Friday’s health care Olympics are the hospitals first-ever of their type.

“Our executive team wanted us to get up and get out and have fun after this pandemic,” said Hawkins, the magnet program director.

The events put the nurses’ real-world skills to use.

“We had an escaped patient that we had to get back into bed before she eloped off the campus. We had a wheelchair race. We had to make sure we didn’t spill the fluids. After that we had the obstacle course and then finish off by putting out a fire,” Grant said.

“We decided to set up the health care Olympics today as a finale to ending hospital week and nurses appreciation week so that we could have one big final event where our employees have the opportunity to come out and focus not only on their own wellness but just enjoying and celebrating eachother and the fact that we can be outside and be together,” said Amber Egyud, the chief nursing officer at Chesapeake Regional Medical Center and one of WAVY’s 2021 Remarkable Women Contest finalists.

“We play hard. We work hard, and we play hard. I think this is the first of many to come,” Hawkins said.