CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) – Look out world! Shaniya Reddy is a name you may want to remember. The middle school honor student from Chesapeake is now a published author.

Reddy published a children’s book around Valentine’s Day titled ‘My beautiful is Black.’

In the book, she celebrates the elegance of all things Black.

“I’m naming all of the positive things about it,” said Reddy.

Starting with her and her baby brother’s skin complexion, she highlights the beauty in everything around her from the Blackbirds, cats, and blackberries to her shadow.

“Do you see color? Take a look at me, my beautiful is Black and as beautiful as can be,” Reddy reads. “My beautiful is Black, all shadows mixed within. Blended shades of black makes the color of my skin.”

Reddy’s biggest supporters include her Dad, Nana, and Uncle. Her family is so impressed by her many talents.

The biography on her book says he started writing poems, raps and writing in preschool.

More recently, she had a role in the ‘Black Girl Magic’ show by Sharon Cook at Hurrah Players. Her classmates from school sold out a show to watch her perform.

Reddy tells 10 On Your Side she was inspired to write a book after the Virtual Village show with Clever Communities in action during the pandemic.

“I was a talk show host, and we would, read and get to learn about the books,” said Reddy. “That’s what really pushed me to start writing!”

Now her inspiring book has already sold 200 copies on Amazon and in-person at different events.

“Always remember you are beautiful too,” Reddy reads.

Flyer for Shaniya Reddy meet and greet (Photo Courtesy: Shaniya Reddy)

Reddy is having a book signing on April 22 at the South Norfolk Memorial Public Library from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

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