CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — A gator that disappeared from a local traveling zoo in Chesapeake several weeks ago was found chilling down the road in a swimming pool.

Fittingly named Splash, the young gator was found in the backyard pool off Taft Road on Friday, just a few houses down.

Splash in the pool (Courtesy of Chesapeake Animal Services)

Chesapeake Animal Services says it was first reported missing three weeks ago from Jack’s Jungle, an operation based out of Chesapeake that travels around doing educational animal shows. The owner, Jack Baugus, is a former educator with the Virginia Zoo and says most his animals are rescues.

Baugus wasn’t sure if the gator escaped, was stolen, or let out of its enclosure.

“The owner confirmed it was his gator (lawfully owned) and they worked together to remove Splash from his vacation spot,” Chesapeake Animal Services wrote on Facebook.