CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY)- A Chesapeake family received thousands of dollars worth of home improvements through Dominion Energy’s 40 Homes in 40 Days project today.

George Cherry, a husband, cancer survivor and veteran, got emotional when discussing the gesture from Dominion. He’s retired and lives on a fixed income.

“I’m overwhelmed a little bit,” Cherry said. “This is thousands of dollars. If I had to come out of my own pocket with this, this is thousands of dollars. I would have had to get a loan or something. All of this at one time. This is something you have to sit back and save for three, four years.”

Volunteer crews from Dominion also added fall landscaping to the exterior of the home.

Cherry said he learned about the program after participating in a different Dominion program that replaces energy-inefficient lightbulbs with LED bulbs. He says everyone should take advantage of such programs.

Arthur Mowry, the owner of Atlantic Spray Systems, joined Dominion for the project. Mowry and his team installed insulation under Cherry’s roof and floors, replaced several appliances, and sealed doorframes.

Mowry says such measures can lead to considerable savings on electric bills. The Dominion Energy Shares program reports that weatherizing a home can lead to 30% savings.

“We make sure everything is warm and comfortable in the home, which is especially important coming into the heating season,” said the program’s manager, Nikki Taylor.

Mowry said that there are quick fixes that can save people money during the winter months. He said the biggest mistake people make is adjusting their thermostats too much. Even a small adjustment uses a great deal of energy.

He said to ensure window AC units are taken down, and windows are fully closed. Adding weather stripping to doorframes can go a long way, too, he said.

Taylor said that Dominion advises customers to have their heating units serviced before the cold weather hits.

“If they’re working the right way, they should be very efficient for you,” she said.

Dominion EnergyShare is in its 40th year. EnergyShare is a crisis program that provides bill pay assistance for qualified customers. For more information, CLICK HERE.