CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — Chopper 10 flew over the Deep Creek Bridge reconstruction project, and clearly showed the good, the bad, and the ugly — traffic backing up at the bridge for most of the day.

Only 10 On Your Side was at the scene of the bridge project when a red car went up on the curb and flipped over.

Scott Brown saw it all happen.

“This young lady was in front of us and as she came onto the bridge platform,” Brown said. “She was a little too far over to the right, she hooked a piece of concrete that sticks out there and rode right up on it. She probably panicked, hit the accelerator, and went over it.”

It took about 40 minutes to clear the scene.

The driver was OK, but very emotional. It is unclear what caused her to hit the curb so hard to flip the car.

It is a reminder that with all this new construction, there’s no room for error.

“Everything is on the table with what will actually help,” said Chesapeake Mayor Rick West, talking about the Deep Creek Bridge construction.

City leaders are well-aware of resident concerns.

The first piece of advice? Plan ahead.

“Letting people know early if you go this route there is going to be congestion and proving alternative routes,” West said.

The second piece of advice? Take an alternate route, even if tolls are involved.

“Go over the Veteran’s Bridge,” West said. “It’s a $1.45 toll, but is it worth $1.45 not to wait in traffic for an hour? I think it’s worth it. … That’s why we built the Veterans Bridge. … In the next few weeks, the High Rise Bridge will be completed, and that will be a better option for a lot of people.”

On Wednesday we reported a possible solution to keep traffic moving — police-controlled intersections,

“(We’re) very receptive to it,” West said. “I spoke to the police chief. That is a possibility — spoke to city manager that this is a possibility. … There is not a lot of optimism that will make a lot of difference.”

10 On your side also suggested keeping the green lights greener longer to move more vehicles through.

Sharon Jeter has trouble getting in and out of her Pleasant View Neighborhood.

“How tough is it for me to get in and out of my neighborhoods? It’s rough,” Jeter said. “You have to leave ahead of time if you are going to do something.”

10 On Your Side also met Richard Wilson, who said you got to stay positive.

“It should have had it decades ago,” Wilson said. “But it’s a worthwhile project, and it’s got to be done.”