CHESAPEAKE, Va, (WAVY) — In a pose with the Benz, or on two wheels with her sister and friend, most did not know Robin Anderson was in a seven-year battle with cancer.

All treatments at Chesapeake Regional Medical Center failed and in May and Robin died from triple-negative breast cancer.

“When Robin was going there, she told me several times just how nice the staff treated her. They were compassionate, she had tears in her eyes telling me that she really appreciated the staff at Chesapeake Regional [Medical Center],” said her sister, Linda Thompson.

Using her grandmother’s recipes, Robins’s sister Brenda, Linda’s twin, has cooked up a special way to say thank you to those who cared for Robin.

“We’re gonna give 300 delicious, freshly baked this morning, cinnamon buns with buttercream icing,” said Harford with pride at the Whole-ly Rollers bakery’s new location, which is just across from the hospital where Anderson was treated for cancer.

(WAVY Photo – Regina Mobley)

The morning donation was a sweet treat for medical professionals who’ve been under tremendous stress during the pandemic.

“This is a testament to our patients that even after they have had unfortunate situations in passing, it’s really that one-to-one touch and compassion we share that always brings them back,” said Kimberly Newton, who is the Medical Center’s Director of Nursing for acute care and the Priority Toyota Cancer Center.

“Robin had a spirit of serving and giving and she would be smiling at this small gesture that’s the very thing that she would do,” Thompson said.

(WAVY Photo – Regina Mobley)

The celebration continues this weekend with the bakery’s grand opening, which takes place Saturday, July 30, 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., rain or shine, at 745 North Battlefield Blvd. in Chesapeake.

The festivities will include free hot dogs on the grill, snacks, coffee, popcorn, and soft drinks. For more information call: (757) 717-3999.

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