CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — Property owners in Chesapeake will have a higher stormwater utility bill this summer. Property owners are charged backpay for a bill the City didn’t charge in December 2022.

In a release Thursday, the City of Chesapeake said there was a technical issue with the City’s billing management system.

This means property owners will pay a total of $92.10 for their bill in June. The bill covers January to June 2023 fees, as well as the December bill that property owners were not charged by the city.

The $92.10 consists of the new utility bill of $68.10 plus $24. The $24 is the amount the city did not charge previously.

After June, property owners will just pay $68.10.

Property owners were already prepared to pay more for their stormwater bill after city council approved the increase last year.

The City says that was the first time since 2007 that the stormwater utility bill increased.

“The Stormwater Utility Fee was increased in response to requests from the community for more improvements to the stormwater system. With more than 2,700 miles of open ditch, nearly 1,100 miles of underground pipe, and nearly 37,000 drainage structures throughout the City, the previous rate could not properly fund these projects,” the City said.

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