CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — Two young sisters in Chesapeake created an online education experience that will have your children learning and laughing.

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The program, called The Learning PEARadise, was founded as a way to inspire and encourage learning through Play, Exploration, Art and Reading (PEAR).

“It is really hard,” said 9-year-old Taryn Vernon and her 6-year-old sister Lauryn.

The girls admit creating videos for their new learning network is no easy task, but they have fun doing it. The Vernons are a military family who moved to Chesapeake from Japan during the pandemic.

Taryn and Lauryn love to share their life experiences with other kids and expand on what they’re learning in Virtual Virginia. So, with the help of their parents, the two sisters created The Learning PEARadise.

“I like when we do play and exploring because we’re able to show them what we learned, so they’re able to learn it too,” said Taryn.

“I like to dance and show other kids that. I like to do gymnastics and show other kids that I can do it, too,” added Lauryn.

The girls especially love their coronavirus rap!

“Everyone likes to learn while listening to music. We did our coronavirus rap, so they’re able to know how to stay safe while the coronavirus is here,” said Taryn.

From COVID variants to volcanoes, these sisters have a lot of knowledge to share in a way that might make your kids forget they’re learning!

“We want it to go really big,” Taryn said. “That way we can reach out to other children and not just the people who are right here, but children all around the world.”

Lauryn agrees with her big sister, but she has another reason she wants The Learning PEARadise to really take off.

“I want to see people watching us so we can be famous.”

Fame for all the right reasons!

“It makes me feel happy that we’re sharing things with other kids,” said Lauryn.

You can watch The Learning PEARadise on YouTube. You can also reach out on Facebook and Instagram.