CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — A proposal to create a monthly solid waste and recycling fee up to $27 to help fund the retention of Chesapeake police officers and fully fund trash and recycling services has been denied by City Council.

Chesapeake says it’s currently experiencing significant labor market challenges that are impacting its ability to provide essential services.

Chesapeake is the only one of Hampton Roads’ seven cities to not have a fee for trash and recycling. City leaders proposed charging up to $27 per month for the service, with the money going toward paying police officers and other workers in critical departments, including waste management.

Residents in neighboring Suffolk pay a $25 monthly fee.

City staff said creating the new fee was the most reliable funding source to sustain the pay plan for essential services.

Instead, on Tuesday night City Council agreed to look into a series of alternatives (option 2 in agenda documents) to address the issues the city is facing.

According to a city spokesperson, the option will fund the public safety pay plan without imposing a solid waste fee.

Staff will bring forward an implementation plan, according to agenda documents. Specifics will be given at the December City Council meeting.

Those alternatives, according to agenda documents, include:

City manager Christopher Price in a memorandum noted that the option could mean the fiscal year 2023 budget will need some new revenue sources.

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