CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — It’s been exactly five years since a man was murdered in Chesapeake. Five years later, police have yet to make an arrest. 

“We don’t understand why there hasn’t been an arrest,” said Melinda Baldwin. “It just doesn’t make any sense to us.”

Baldwin got a call five years today that she will never forget.

“My son said that Trevor had been shot, so we just immediately went to the scene,” Baldwin added.

The scene was on Dunedin Drive in Chesapeake. 20-year-old Trevor Baldwin was found slumped behind the wheel of his car. He had been shot to death.

“I had a gut feeling something was wrong, but your whole word falls apart,” Baldwin said. “Those are pieces you can’t pick back up and put together.”

Baldwin says just hours after Trevor’s killing, people started whispering the names of potential suspects.

“I was hopeful there was going to be a quick arrest when the names were surfacing October 1, 2014,” Baldwin added. “It’s 2019, and that hope is gone.”

Chesapeake police tell 10 On Your Side they believe they know who pulled the trigger. We asked to sit down with a detective to talk about the case, but the department declined the request, citing potential pretrial publicity. 

There won’t be a trial without an arrest.

Baldwin can’t understand how this could happen. How could police know who pulled the trigger, but there hasn’t been justice?

“It makes absolutely no sense to me why there hasn’t been a knock at someone’s door and someone been arrested,” Baldwin said. “I mean, the pieces of the puzzle are there, can we just put them together?”

Baldwin believes her son was set up in a robbery. She has been told there were 12 witnesses, and she wants police to go interview the suspect.

“The shooter is right there in the same neighborhood,” Baldwin added.  “Just go get him.”

The family says they won’t have closure and Trevor won’t have justice until that happens.

“I just wish the city of Chesapeake would pursue this a little bit more,” she said. “I need someone to be working on this case. My family needs someone to be working on this case. Trevor needs to have someone working on this case. It needs to be solved.”