CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — Seeing blue lights shining in your rear view window can be a gut-wrenching feeling.

However, this Friday in Chesapeake, that feeling quickly turned to one of joy, happiness, and possibly the centerpiece of the dinner table.

Dozens of Chesapeake Police officers met up at the Kroger on South Battelfield Boulevard Friday morning to stock up on turkeys.

Their goal: hand out turkeys to drivers instead of tickets.

This is the fourth year the officers have dished out the birds around the holidays to drivers who’d normally be given a ticket for a violation.

It’s all made possible through a partnership the police department has with the Chesapeake Jubilee Committee and the Chesapeake Crime Line.

The act of kindness started with citizen Rodney Foster, who’s also chairman of the program.

“Some people get a turkey and cry and just ‘Oh my gosh, I sure, appreciate this, my money is kind of short’ and the whole family enjoys the turkey,” Foster said.

Foster says the idea came to him after seeing the Houston Police Department in Texas do it on Thanksgiving years ago.

Altogether, 110 turkeys were handed out to unsuspecting drivers.

10 On Your Side rode along with Officer Mathews as he pulled one woman over for an expired inspection sticker.

“Oh my gosh, y’all are going to make me cry,” the woman said.

Drivers were given passes to the Chesapeake Jubilee as well.

Foster says he hopes this shows the community that the police department has their best interest at heart.

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