CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) – A search warrant reveals new information about a domestic-related murder in Chesapeake last year.

Police were called to 58-year-old Valerie McElroy’s apartment on Robert Hall Boulevard on Nov. 27 for a welfare check. Officers attempted to make entry, but according to court documents, the apartment door was barricaded with a bar and the sofa was pushed in front of the door as another barrier.

Officers ended up climbing through a window. Once inside, they discovered McElroy on the bedroom floor; she had been stabbed multiple times.

Police also found 61-year-old Anthony Johnson in the apartment. He was unresponsive, suffering from stab wounds investigators determined were self-inflicted.

McElroy died from her injuries and police charged Johnson with first degree murder.

The search warrant requested call records, texts and GPS information.

WAVY spoke with McElroy’s daughter, Candice Daniels, who said her mom had dated Johnson, but they were broken up at the time of the murder. “Me and my family we saw the signs. We always expressed our dislike with him. We always expressed that something just didn’t settle well with us, but we just didn’t want to be overbearing to our mother.”

Johnson’s preliminary hearing was originally scheduled for early February, but it has been continued until late March.

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