CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — A Chesapeake police lieutenant facing several sexual assault charges has been granted bond.

Sean Maddox was in court for the bond hearing Monday morning.

Maddox is charged with several crimes, including abduction, rape, sodomy, threatening bodily harm and stalking. He is currently on administrative leave from the police department.

Maddox was arrested last Tuesday, after the department received a tip about possible criminal activity.

Court paperwork says Maddox was having an affair with the alleged victim. In court Monday lawyers said the two worked together.

The documents obtained by 10 On Your Side reveal the woman told police she wanted to break up in early April. About two weeks later, the woman told police Maddox abducted and raped her. Then he threatened to hurt her through text messages.

During Monday’s bond hearing, we learned more about the rape and stalking charges against Maddox.

The prosecution explained an instance when the woman went on a date with another Chesapeake police officer. Maddox reportedly found out about it and called her 22 times. Prosecutors say Maddox then drove to the officer’s residence and took a picture of the woman’s car and sent the photos to her to show he knew she was there.

Court documents say the alleged rape happened the night on April 27. Monday we learned in court the incident happened in a hotel room booked by the woman. The prosecution said the woman claimed Maddox coerced her into booking the room.

Maddox’s lawyers said Maddox stopped responding to the woman in late April. The defense read out a handful of sexually explicit text messages the woman sent to Maddox after the alleged rape occurred.

The defense said the text messages show Maddox stopped responding to the woman in late April. Lawyers say she texted him saying she was “heartbroken” and couldn’t believe he was “ghosting” her. Maddox’s lawyers say she filed the charges a few days later.

For technical reasons, the commonwealth’s attorney had not seen those text messages before Monday’s hearing.

During Monday’s hearing, we also learned there’s a 2.5-minute video of the alleged rape. The defense and prosecution had different interpretations of the video.

After watching the video with the lawyers in chambers, the judge granted bond to Maddox set at $10,000.

Maddox joined the hearing via video conference from jail. His wife and father attended in person. Maddox’s wife said he could come home when granted bond.

The bond came with restrictions. Maddox is to have no contact with the alleged victim, he cannot posses a firearm, he must wear an ankle monitor at all times and cannot leave his home without an escort.

The commonwealth appealed the bond decision. The appeal will be heard June 10th.

Maddox’s preliminary hearing is set for September 22nd.