CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — Chesapeake Police are investigating a deadly weekend shooting involving an off-duty Norfolk police officer.

It happened just before 2:30 p.m. Sunday in the 2600 block of Bainbridge Boulevard, police say.

“I heard the one shot, ‘pow’ then I jumped up and it said ‘pow, pow, pow, pow’ and I was like wow … it was right here,” said witness Tameko Holloway.

The Chesapeake Police Department arrived and determined that a man had been shot by an off-duty Norfolk police officer. He was taken to the hospital, but later pronounced dead.

On Tuesday, police identified him as 42-year-old Kelvin White, of Chesapeake.

“I saw the caution tape and all my neighbors standing outside,” said neighbor Andrea Ackley. “It kind of made me feel a little uneasy. We don’t really see much of that around here.”

Police say the officer received a phone call from a family member stating a male had threatened the family member with a weapon.

Holloway spoke with the woman who made the call to her family member, the officer.

“She was explaining to me that it was a nice day outside, she wanted to walk the kids. The guy told her to get over so he can walk through and she had the stroller. She told the guy she said ‘Sir it’s kind of hard for me to get over in the grass with the stroller,’ and she said he told her ‘You better move — I’m a pull the knife on you,'” Holloway explained.

The officer responded to the location and encountered the male with the weapon, police say.

“The officer responded, identified themselves as a police officer, where a confrontation happened between the victim and the officer where the officer fired shots at the victim,” said Officer David Weir.

“I feel sorry for him, feel sorry for him ’cause I know the guy. Well, I don’t know personally but knowing him seeing him walk by so much,” Holloway said.

The investigation is ongoing, and the Chesapeake Police Department is working with the Norfolk Police Department.

Police say no charges have been filed at this time.

A spokesperson for the Norfolk Police Department says the officer has been placed on administrative duty pending the investigation. 

“I’m sad that something like this has happened,” Ackely said. “It could’ve been my children, it could’ve been me.”

According to Chesapeake Police, the identity of the off-duty Norfolk police officer will also not be released at this time.

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