CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — A man from Chesapeake donated his entire $1,200 federal stimulus check.

Cameron Crockett says others need the money much more than he does right now. As an HVAC technician, Crockett’s work is considered essential. So as millions of Americans lose their jobs because of shutdowns, he still goes into work every day.

“I felt like it would have been selfish for me to still hold onto that money for whatever purpose when I have friends out there who are truly struggling,” explained Crockett.  

He posted on Facebook asking people to write to him if they were unemployed due to the coronavirus. 50 names were submitted.

The randomly selected winner was Aries Zeigler, a man who lost his job.

“He was basically at a point where he was at a breaking point,” said Crockett. “He didn’t have any savings left, he’s faced with bills, he’s got a young daughter. I’m glad the money went to him.”

If the name Cameron Crockett sounds familiar, he was at the center of an involuntary manslaughter case WAVY News covered extensively years ago. Crockett was convicted and served eight years behind bars, but still maintains his innocence.

The experience, though, has forever changed his perspective on life.

“It taught me no matter what your circumstances may be, there’s always somebody out there whose circumstances are worse than yours,” said Crockett. “While I could have held onto the money to try and buy a house or put it toward any number of things, I think it would be selfish of me to do that when I have friends out there who are faced with the very real threat of not being able to maintain a roof over their heads at all.” 

Crockett is encouraging others, if they can, to donate their stimulus checks as well.

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