CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — A group of neighbors wants to save curbside recycling.

Chesapeake Recycles is a few concerned citizens working to keep curbside pickup for recycled items such as paper, cans or boxes.

The group launched a website and social media campaign earlier this month. 

“We believe curbside recycling is important for our environment, our quality of life and to the future of our city. We are not affiliated with any political action group, environmental agency or waste disposal company.”

In a split decision, Chesapeake city leaders voted to cut curbside recycling. If council approves the budget, recycling from home will end on July 1. The city manager believes cutting curbside recycling is a way to give public safety workers a raise, with the move saving the city up to $2 million.

The mayor and vice mayor fear people will just throw recyclable items in the trash.

Organizers believe recycling should continue.

“Curbside recycling has been considered a basic city service much like waste disposal,” the group says.

On Tuesday, the group showed up at the Chesapeake City Council meeting, signed up to speak and wore blue to save the blue recycle bins.

Chesapeake residents voiced their concerns about the city’s plan to end curbside recycling. Several people showed up before the meeting in support of keeping recycling.

Lacy Shirey, with Chesapeake Recycles, spoke at the meeting.

“So unless our city leaders take immediate action we will be faced with losing city-managed curbside recycling by July 1st. That’s right around the corner that’s why immediate action needs to be taken. That’s why we’re putting up such a strong force so we can make an impression on City Council to have them reconsider and to find a way and continue on negotiating a contract for recycling,” Shirey said.

Council is expected to take a vote on the budget next month.

The groups ask residents to join them by signing their petition. So far, the petition has over 4,500 signatures, per Dawn Matheson with Go Chesapeake.

“Each time someone signs the petition an email is generated to every City Council member and to the city manager. City council has been bombarded with emails,” she said.

There are a number of other ways to show support:

  • Volunteer (students may receive community service credit hours)
  • Donate
  • Spread the word on social media