CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — Three weeks ago on August 20, 29-year-old Michael Morgan was gunned down following an argument at a party. 

Only on 10, Morgan’s mother and stepfather sat down with us to express their frustration.  

They felt frustrated, and that’s why they called us. They don’t want you to forget Michael Morgan, and they want Chesapeake Police to catch his killer. 

Michael Morgan knew how to make an entrance. His mother, Cindy Love, remembers.   

“I will never see his smiling face again,” Love said. “He always did silly little stuff to try and put a smile on your face when he comes through the door.” 

Someone knows something, but someone’s not talking, and that frustrates her too.

“Whenever I noticed him through the windows, he would have this cheesy smile on his face,” Love said.  It just brought joy to me whenever I would see him, and to think I will never see him again, ever.” 

Morgan was gunned down at a party on, ironically, Shady Lane. Details are few, and the killer is still out there.

“I am frustrated they have a person of interest,” she said, “and nothing has happened with that person of interest.  How long have they had a person of interest? Well, from the start.”

Chesapeake Police told 10 On Your Side that the case is active and under investigation, but they cannot comment further.

“From what they are saying, and the name they are giving us, we are not familiar with,” she said. “We think the name we have heard is the person who did this, and we have shared that name with police.”  

All they know is that an argument, possibly over something trivial, led to the shooting by a guest who had not been invited to the party. 

Reggie Love is Michael Morgan’s stepfather, and you could tell Michael was like his own son. 

“We want to know what the Chesapeake Police Department is doing to bring this person to justice so we can start the healing process,” Reggie Love said. “We are still grieving, and this person is still out.” 

Cindy Love wants you to know that her pain will never go away — ever. 

“I lost a child,” Cindy Love said. “I will never get to see his face again, ever, and it angers me every day this guy is out walking the streets. There is no justice being done there. There is no peace.” 

In the end, it’s a plea from a mother who remembers that little child from long ago she’ll never get back.

“We called to catch the person,” she said. “Anyone who has any information, call the Crime Line at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.”