CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — Chesapeake has extended its deadline to pay personal property taxes after another year of issues with the city treasurer’s office delivering timely tax bill information to residents.

The new deadline is now June 30, instead of June 5.

Council in their 9-0 vote on Tuesday night also directed City Treasurer Barbara Carraway not to impose penalties and interest on payments as long as the taxes are paid no later than June 30.

This comes two weeks after council voted to strip Carraway, who was elected and not appointed to the position, of multiple duties such as collecting stormwater and EMS fees.

City Manager Christopher Price says services from Carraway’s office have declined, with specific issues including a stormwater bill error last year that led to higher-than-normal bills. Staffers have also complained of a toxic work environment in Carraway’s office.

Price said Tuesday that this is the third year in a row that tax information has been delayed. This year he says it was a mail machine issue, but that’s a “red herring” for the overall issues with the office. Price said the previous year’s problems involved envelopes for the bills, and he wasn’t sure what the issue was two years ago.

“So this is a pattern, three years straight, this is pretty serious,” said Councilman C. Jeff Bunn.

Price said those who may have already prepaid with late fees tacked on should request a refund with Carraway’s office if they believe they’re owed one for overpayment.