CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — The Chesapeake Care Clinic expanded its eligibility requirements last summer, and now with the spread of coronavirus and lost jobs, more people are eligible and the clinic’s services are needed more than ever.

The clinic provides $10 medical visits and $30 dental visits. To qualify, you must have no health insurance, live in Virginia, and have income no greater than three times the poverty level. Qualifying examples would be a single person with income up to $38,000, and a family of four as much as $78,000.

Steve Welsted was taking advantage of curbside prescription pickup Tuesday morning to take medications to his girlfriend.

“She has high blood pressure and she takes pills for that and that’s why I’m here today,” he said.

With so many people having lost their jobs and their health coverage, the clinic expects to serve even more patients during the pandemic.

“I truly expect there’s gonna be an increase, and that’s why we’re here,” said clinic board president Maryellen Remich.

The clinic gets deep discounts from drug makers. A patient with diabetes, whom we interviewed last summer, pays $5 a month for drugs that would normally cost $5,000.

The clinic gets some city and state funding but no ongoing federal money, only federal grants.
Medical providers are volunteers and donations are needed to handle the extra caseload.

“Everybody’s in a tough situation everything is so uncertain,” said Resource Coordinator Julianne Anderson. “We do need that extra money to keep going with our services.”

“Anything we do keeps people out of the emergency room and right now it’s so important to keep people out of the emergency room,” Remich added.

The clinic is still doing certain dental work emergency medical procedures in-person at the clinic’s location at 2145 S. Military Highway.

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