CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — There’s a record the Chesapeake Sheriff’s Office says it’s not letting go of anytime soon.

“Honestly if we don’t retire, we’re probably never going to lose,” laughed Lt. Colonel Christopher Pascal.

By all accounts they’ve earned the right to talk a little smack as they are 14-time defending champions for the Dulles Day Plane Pull. About 100 teams compete to see which can pull a FedEx airbus 12 feet in the fastest time.

They practice for the 180,000 pound plane pull by pulling a 70,000 pound fire truck, and they can pull the engine in less than 5 seconds.

“The secret is this team right here. We practice. we’ve been doing it for a while together. And we have it down to a science. It’s going to be hard for anybody to beat us, especially the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office,” Pascal said.

For the first year ever, there’s some new kids on the block.

“We are not intimidated. Chesapeake has done a fantastic job; they’ve actually set the bar we’re trying to reach,” said Brandon Hines.

Hines is the sergeant of the Training Division with the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office.

At the root of this playful rivalry is a good cause, both agencies can get behind.

“It’s about raising awareness and funds for the Special Olympics. We’re going to go out there and place first for the pull and first for the law enforcement fundraiser,” said Chesapeake Undersheriff David Rosado.

For one Chesapeake deputy, it’s a cause close to home.

“I have a daughter that has down syndrome. It’s all about the athletes. the dedication the athletes put into it. We feed off of that,” said deputy Freddie Parks.

Norfolk Sheriff Joe Baron, who’s the state chair for the Special Olympics Torn Run, agrees.

“It’s all about bringing awareness to our Special Olympians. It’s a big deal. all we’re trying to do it, make sure we’re doing our part in raising money,” Baron said.

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