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Bust of former president Obama stored among giant president sculptures stolen in Croaker

CROAKER, Va. (WAVY) -- A large bust of former president Barack Obama has disappeared. 

There are 43 giant heads of state sitting on Howard Hankin's farm in Croaker, all of which used to sit in Presidents Park in Williamsburg until it closed in 2010. 

A smaller, 50-pound bust of Obama was being stored in a nearby trailer as Hankins looked to find a way for the heads to be displayed to the public again. 

"I got a minature White House in there, thought they was gone, but it's in the back," Hankins said. "We've searched everywhere, and called a bunch of people. If anyone borrowed or needed it for a project, I would appreciate them returning it." 

Hankins is working on a plan to move the busts and says he's getting close to being able to release more details about that. As soon as he does, we'll be sure to pass that along. 

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