CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — An off-duty Norfolk police officer charged in the shooting death of a Chesapeake man was granted bond on Tuesday.

The judge granted a $25,000 bond for Edmund Hoyt, who was charged with voluntary manslaughter last week in connection to the shooting of 42-year-old Kelvin White on Bainbridge Boulevard in Chesapeake on Jan. 19. Hoyt had been on administrative leave since January.

We spoke with the victim’s brother, Gerard White, after the hearing. In his opinion, Edmund Hoyt shouldn’t get bond at all. But if he does, Gerard White says the $25,000 bond granted Tuesday was much too low for the charge.

“I don’t think that was the proper amount due to that you killed somebody — you ended someone’s life,” said Gerard White.  

According to investigators, Hoyt shot and killed Kelvin White after he allegedly threatened Hoyt’s wife and children with a knife. The commonwealth’s attorney confirmed Kelvin White suffered from schizophrenia, but called his death “unnecessary.”

“He could possibly be off his meds, but my brother would never, never [have] been a violent person towards anybody,” said Gerard White. “He would never touch or put his hands on anybody. I know my brother.”

He added Hoyt, a police officer, should have been able to handle the situation without killing his brother.

“It bothers me to not understand why would the police officer, even though you’re off duty, not take the proper precautions to defuse the whole incident,” said Gerard White.

The defense called on Hoyt’s wife and his friend and coworker to testify Tuesday. The judge determined Hoyt wasn’t a flight risk or a danger to the community and granted him bond.

“The court recognized this isn’t a case of black, white, yellow, blue, purple, red. A case of a police officer, non-police officer. It’s a case of a father who steps in front of a man who’s armed with a knife, who has a history of mental illness, he’s not on his medications and he steps in front of this man to defend his wife and his two children, in a stroller who are threatened by a knife. It’s plain and simple,” defense lawyer James Broccoletti said Tuesday.

Under the terms of the bond, Hoyt and his wife have to turn in their passports, and Hoyt can’t drink alcohol or costume illegal drugs. He also can’t possess any firearms.

Prosecutors appealed the decision, with the appeal hearing scheduled for 9 a.m. Wednesday. Hoyt’s lawyer feels confident the facts will fall in their favor during the appeal, as they did for the initial bond hearing.

“The facts aren’t going to change. Mr. Hoyt’s not going to change, the family is not going to change. The support he receives from his family and the community is not going to change,” said Broccoletti.

10 On Your Side will be in the courtroom and bring you any updates as they come in.

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