VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – Weather is impacting some plans for Memorial Day weekend.

Some had boat tours scheduled Saturday and Sunday, but with the rough waters, some companies had to bail.

Skip Feller is the manager of Rudee Tours and said they had to cancel boat tours because of high winds and rough seas.

He says this is usually the weekend that kicks their busy season off, but they’ve had a slow start to the year.

“Certainly not a good way to start out our season for sure,” Feller said. “I would’ve at least liked to have gotten in a day or two.”

Feller said they’ve seen rain on Memorial Day weekend in the past, but losing both days is tough.

He said there is still a lot of summer left though, so he’s hopeful they can bounce back.

“If we have a good Fourth of July and good Labor Day, it’s not going to be devastating,” said Feller. “There’s nothing we can do about it really other than complain.”

The Virginia Aquarium had to cancel their dolphin tours, too, because of rough waters, but they’re still preparing for big crowds coming inside to escape the wind and rain.

Feller said he wishes they could take people out this weekend, but hopes those visiting will check out local restaurants and shops instead.

“It looks like there are some people here so they can go to the beach restaurants and everything,” Feller said. “They just can’t go fishing or dolphin watching.”

Rudee Tours canceled fishing trips and dolphin tours for Saturday and Sunday, but hasn’t made a decision about Monday yet.

The Virginia Aquarium also has a behind-the-scenes event going on Saturday at their sea turtle exhibit. You can get more information and buy tickets here.