Autumn (and spring) are my favorite seasons around Hampton Roads because in terms of weekly weather, sometimes anything goes! We’re in store for a classic Hampton Roads weather whiplash as a big ol’ cold front is on the way.

After hitting a record high of 85° today (old record was 84° in 2020), we have one more warm day in the forecast, tomorrow, with highs reaching the low 80s again. But as the cold front nears the region expect evening clouds to increase with a few spotty showers to the north after sunset.

The cold front will then march south into Hampton Roads Monday night through Tuesday, and unfortunately, doesn’t bring the best weather for trick-or-treaters. Temperatures will drop nearly 30° from Monday to Tuesday, the breeze will gust in from the north and we’ll deal with scattered showers throughout most of Tuesday.

Expect on and off light rain showers on Tuesday with generally cloudy skies. High temperatures will be pinned in the 50s as showers remain persistent into the evening. The northerly breeze should gust to 25+mph at times as well. Showers become more broken Tuesday night into Wednesday as the cold air then sinks in.

Expect some chilly lows (30s & low 40s) for a few mornings this week the chillier air settles in. We’ll get some sunshine as the week goes on!

Meteorologist Steve Fundaro