HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) – President Joe Biden released a comprehensive plan for his proposed budget request, and some of it would help NASA Langley reach new heights.

Imagine flying cars and landing a human on Mars.

That’s what Clayton Turner, the director of NASA Langley Research Center, said Biden’s budget request would allow them to do.

“It allows us to create the thing for tomorrow,” he said.

That includes new technologies that’ll one day land a human on Mars.

“The technology we use now has been with us for some time,” Turner said. “We need to do significantly more to land humans on Mars, so some of those technologies are how we enter the planet.

“We just completed the lofted demonstration on how we would bring something back to Earth. That same technology applies to Mars, so that will be done here at NASA Langley.”

If you wanted to fly a car like the Jetsons, the budget will propel NASA Langley. It’ll allow them to test the safety of flying cars.

“Demonstration of those vehicles and that is happening right here in Virginia,” Turner said. “Virginia is a home and a welcoming place for advanced air mobility development, and we are part of that magnet to make it possible.”

For Turner, he said the budget requests would pave the way for the future in space. Congress will ultimately vote on the proposed defense budget.

“We are going to start work today that will influence the people listening,” Turner said, “the taxpayer’s lives today and will impact the lives of their children and grandchildren.”