CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — Newly obtained search warrants show police found ammunition and multiple handwritten notes when they searched the home of the Chesapeake Walmart mass shooter.

The mass shooting that happened just after 10 p.m. on November 22 killed six Walmart employees and left two injured. The gunman, a team lead on the Walmart overnight shift, also took his own life before being confronted by police.

A copy of the warrant shows a search was executed at the gunman’s East Eva Boulevard home just hours after the shooting at 2:51 a.m.

Inside, police found dozens of rounds of ammunition, four Taurus 15-round magazines and a box for a Taurus pistol. They also found 20 printed and handwritten notes that don’t shed much new light in the case.

Police said the notes were related to work schedules and the shooter’s “perception of manhood,” and they’re not believed to be directly related to the shooting.

Police already released the shooter’s apparent manifesto days after the shooting, in which he said he was harassed and betrayed by coworkers.

“I wish that I could have saved everyone from myself,” he wrote.

Warrants also showed police found other documents and a paper shooting target in Bing’s green Ford vehicle the night of the shooting. Police said the target had bullet holes and could be seen in plain view on the floor of the vehicle, along with protective ear coverings used for target shooting.

The search warrant info comes just a couple weeks after news that the memorial for the victims of the shooting had been moved from the store’s parking lot.

On Thursday, WAVY’s Brett Hall reported on the multi-million dollar renovation that’s underway to reopen the location in the Greenbrier area of the city.

Work includes a new paint color on the exterior (from tan to gray) and a new breakroom for employees, after an internal demolition of the store that began in December. Walmart hasn’t shared when the store is expected to officially reopen.

Meanwhile Walmart faces several multi-million dollar lawsuits from former employees and the family of one of the victims who died. The lawsuit allege Walmart is responsible for the shooter’s negligent actions, and should have fired the shooter after previous comments and behavior.