SUFFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – An Alabama mother is asking for the public’s help after her son was killed last month in a hit-and-run crash in Suffolk.

It happened on Feb. 12, the night of the Super Bowl when 30-year-old Kendrick Jackson of Newport News was killed on Godwin Boulevard.

Karen McCall said her son Kendrick was her best friend.

She said a piece of her died that day, and every day since has been difficult.

“February the 12th was the worst day of my life,” McCall said. “My brother came over to my house and woke me up out of my sleep and told me ‘Karen, Kendrick is gone.'”

McCall said her son was riding in the car with a friend when he suddenly fell out on Godwin Boulevard in Suffolk. Witnesses told officers Jackson was then hit by a car that left the scene.

“They said he fell out of a car and he didn’t make it and I lost it,” said McCall. “I miss him. I want to call him and I want to talk on video chat. I want to do the things we used to do.”

Jackson was a welder from Alabama and worked at the shipyard.

His mom said he had big plans for his life and big plans for his 3-year-old son Kohen.

She said Kohen keeps asking where his dad is.

“He’s like, ‘Where’s Dada? You know that’s what his mom told me the other day and it just broke my heart,” McCall said.

McCall said Jackson had a big heart and was constantly helping those who were struggling.

“He always told people you’re not going to give up, that’s not what you’re going to do,” McCall said.

McCall said her son always put others first and since his death, so many people have come forward to tell her how important Kendrick was to them.

“I know he was 30, but he was my baby, my best friend,” McCall said. “He was my handsome son and I was so proud to be his mom.”

Kendrick’s mom said he even saved a man who went overboard off a barge.

“One of the men fell off the barge and he jumped in the water to save him,” McCall said.

McCall said she has asked so many questions about that night. What happened? Why did he open the door? Was he wearing a seatbelt? And ultimately, why didn’t the driver who hit him stop?

“It makes me feel like, ‘Oh my God, they feel like my baby’s life was not worth anything,'” McCall said. “I’ve tried to understand it. I try not to be angry but at this point I feel like everybody is going on about their lives and I’m still left to hold the bag of grief because I don’t know what happened to my child.”

McCall said because of this, all Kohen is left with are photos and memories of his father.

McCall said if anyone knows something that could help, please don’t sit back and be quiet.

“I feel that he’s been robbed of his dad, someone that was so very close to him,” McCall said. “At least I got 30 years, he only got 3.”

Suffolk Police are searching for a 2011 to 2013 blue Toyota Highlander and a 2019 to 2023 white Dodge pickup truck.

Officers said if you have any information that can help piece together this case, call 757-923-2350.

McCall is making it her mission to get justice for her son.

“I want justice for Kendrick because not only does he deserve it,” McCall said, “we deserve it, everybody that lost this great person deserves justice.”