CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — A representative for Chesapeake Public Schools tells 10 On Your Side a school principal was in the wrong when she promoted an after-school Christian club to parents via email earlier this year.

The accusation came to light last week. That’s when it was announced that the “After-School Satan Club” was about to launch at BM Williams Primary School. The club founders asked for the permission slip for the ASSC to be distributed via email, because they had learned from a school parent that principal Brighid Gates had sent an email to parents promoting the Good News Club, a traditional evangelical club.

“The distribution of that flyer and permission slips was not in accordance with our procedures and it was addressed with school administration. We are unable to comment further as this is a personnel matter,” said Chesapeake Schools Supervisor of Public Relations Richie Babb.

Those launching the “After School Satan Club” told 10 On Your Side that they asked for their permission slip to be distributed to parents the same way — but they were told it was against school policy.

“We do not care to speculate as to how permission slips for the fundamentalist Good News Clubs came to be distributed by the school district, even as the school district refuses to circulate permission slips for the After School Satan Club, but the fact is that they were. Regardless of how it happened, it can only be made right by circulating our permission slips as well,” said Lucien Greaves, the cofounder and spokesperson for the After School Satan Club.

There are currently five After School Satan Clubs operating in different schools across the country.