PARKSLEY, Va. (WAVY) – An Eastern Shore family’s search for answers continues more than four months since reporting a loved one missing.

Alyssa Taylor’s family last heard from the mother of two Sept. 13. 

After making their own discoveries, her family believes the worst has happened to her, but new information from North Carolina law enforcement continues to suggest she’s still missing.

10 On Your Side sat down with Taylor’s mom Krista Taylor and aunt Shelly Payton right before Christmas, exactly three months since they reported her missing. They say they just want the answer to one question: Where is Alyssa?

‘We need closure’

“We need closure,” said Payton. “We need closure not only for us but for her sons.”

Closure for Christmas, it’s something Taylor’s mom and her aunt thought they’d get for the holidays. The holiday season, however, has come and gone, and they’re still left with the same unanswered questions.

“What happened to her? Where is she? I mean, what is the police department doing for us to help us? I mean, they’re not doing anything in my opinion to help us,” said Payton.

Why she could still be missing

Taylor texted her mom Krista on September 13 saying she’d be traveling with a friend of hers, Danny McNeil, in his tractor-trailer. It was the last time they heard from the mother of two.

On September 14, McNeil’s truck crashed into a bridge on I-85 in Hillsborough, North Carolina. The truck overturned and caught fire, killing McNeil.

North Carolina State Highway Patrol said McNeil was the sole occupant in the vehicle at the time of the crash, but here’s where it gets confusing.

The Accomack County Sheriff’s Office told 10 On Your Side in September that Alyssa’s cell phone pinged along the same GPS location as the truck up until the date and time of the crash.

Taylor’s family says her voice can be heard in Exmore police body camera video when McNeil had an interaction with an officer hours before the crash.

“Accomack County, they’re not actually coming out and saying she was in the truck, but they’re saying all of the evidence is pointing to her being in the truck,” said Payton. “So that’s why we’re so confused as like you’re telling us that all of the evidence points to her being in the truck, but you’re not helping us prove that she was in the truck.”

There’s more evidence, however, making them believe she was in the truck at the time of the crash.

Why she may have died in the truck crash

The family went down to North Carolina and made three shocking discoveries.

The first is a mangled blanket found in the wreckage of the truck, as seen in a Facebook Live video from Payton.

“When I went up there, I just looked at it and I went behind the building and just sorta fell to my knees and just started screaming and crying,” said Krista Taylor. “I called my sister and told her it was my daughter’s blanket.”

The next was Alyssa’s flip-flop found in the wreckage of the truck.

The last was found at the scene of the crash.

“Oh my God, that’s her earring! It’s definitely her earring,” said K. Taylor in a Facebook Live video. “Yes, that’s my baby’s earring.”

Payton and K. Taylor found Alyssa’s earrings in a storm drain at the scene of the crash.

Continued hope in place of no answers

Still, officials don’t believe Alyssa was in the truck.

Even the official autopsy report for McNeil says his remains were the only ones found. The autopsy report also says he was suspected to be traveling with a dog and was seen on surveillance video from a convenience store traveling with another individual.

Still, there’s no answer as to where Alyssa could be.

“I can’t even get a death certificate for my daughter,” said Krista. “I mean nothing, I can’t have a funeral for her or nothing. It’s been really hard.”

Their message to law enforcement as they continue searching for answers.

“Help us find closure. Help us figure out what happened to Alyssa. If she didn’t die in that truck, help us figure out what could have happened to her. Help us get closure for our family,” said Payton.

As for their hope for Alyssa.

“We would love for her to come home though,” said Payton. “Oh my gosh yeah. We miss her.”

“Yeah we do,” said Krista.

The family said they wanted the FBI to help. The FBI told 10 On Your Side the agency only gets involved when asked to by local law enforcement.

10 On Your Side also reached out to the Accomack County Sheriff’s Office for any updates in Alyssa’s case and haven’t heard back.

So for now, the question still remains, where is Alyssa?