HAMPTON ROADS, Va. (WAVY) — As people hit the road and take to the skies this Labor Day, Hurricane Idalia may have had a bigger impact on your plans than you may think.

NC 12 is just one of the roads on the Outer Banks experiencing over wash, and isn’t safe to drive on.
Other roads — especially if you’re heading south through the Carolinas, Georgia or Florida, may be flooded out.

AAA Tidewater community outreach specialist Ryan Adcock said it’s always important to be patient and give yourself enough time to get to where you’re going.

“If you encounter a road that is flooded, make sure that you don’t try to drive through it,” Adcock said. “Make sure that you turn around to find another route.”

The Federal Aviation Administration predicts this will be the third busiest holiday weekend of the year so far, behind only the Juneteenth weekend, which included Father’s Day, and the Presidents Day break.

According to Flight Aware, airlines have canceled several flights in Florida and Georgia Thursday, but not too many for Friday or the weekend.

However, experts say it could still create a domino effect.

“If you’re taking to the skies this holiday weekend, just make sure you are checking with your airline as far as flight delays or cancelations are concerned,” Adcock said. “Make sure that you are prepared and think about those things before you head to the airport.”

And if you do get stuck waiting for a tow?

Always have an emergency kit in your car filled with things like a phone charger, a flashlight and blankets too.

“Just make sure that you have some non-perishable food, some snacks, some water, some jumper cables — all the things you’d need to sustain yourself if you had to sit there on the side of the road.”