VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — If you’re making plans for breakfast, lunch or even dinner this weekend, a robot could be bringing your food to you.

BBH Corporation owns about a dozen restaurants in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake and has deployed robots at several different locations to help deliver food.

Many of the restaurants are having trouble finding employees, so they say these robots are a big help.

Fisher’s Neighborhood Kitchen General Manager Tyler Floyd says the robots aren’t replacing staff, but instead they are enhancing service.

“Where most restaurants are having to close for one to two days a week, we’re able to stay open seven days a week and also be able to serve lunch with the help of the robot,” said Floyd. “We can do a lot more with less.”

Rosie, the restaurant’s robot, has been employed at Fisher’s Neighborhood Kitchen for about three weeks now and she’s drawing people in.

“We get phone calls every day asking if the robot is working, we get people coming in just to see the robot, just to have it take stuff to them,” Floyd said.

Rosie was created by Bear Robotics, a company headquartered in Redwood City, California. They say their robots are designed to work alongside humans to help address these challenges while simultaneously elevating the customer experience.

“It helps just to be able to save time and give more flexibility in everything we do,” Floyd said.

Fisher’s is down several people right now, but with Rosie things are looking up.

“Currently right now I have two bartenders, three servers and four cooks,” Floyd said. “Right before we sent everyone back to college I had about nine servers, four bartenders, about six cooks. It’s been a valuable tool while we are stuck in a staffing shortage and we can’t get anybody in here to work.”

Bartender Brittany Agrillo says now that the majority her co-workers have gone back to school, she and Rosie will both be working overtime.

“I’m working a double today, I am working a double tomorrow,” Agrillo said. “She’s helpful to me so I don’t have to keep running to the kitchen, she’s helpful to the hostess so they don’t have to keep running back to the kitchen.”

Brittany says she was skeptical at first about a robot taking jobs away from people, but says right now they can barely get people to apply for openings.

“We struggle staffing, we have a few bartenders right now and one server,” Agrillo said. “If you know people whose job she took please send them in here.”

“To be honest I need people coming through the door wanting to work for that to become an issue,” said Floyd. “Availability has been an issue, applications have been an issue, getting people to show up after the interview has been an issue, just the same stuff everyone’s been dealing with for the past two years.”

Rosie doesn’t take people’s orders, but she can bring food to them or help take plates away after meals.

Each table has a number associated with it, so Rosie knows where to go. This means she doesn’t physically replace a server, but instead saves trips to the kitchen and allows them to be with customers more.

“I don’t have to keep running back to the kitchen to check when food is ready, I just know when it’s ready, it’s going to get sent out,” Agrillo said. “If people are walking in the door I can see them greet them, make sure they are having a good experience and say goodbye when they are leaving.”

Agrillo says Rosie has also been a great conversation starter with customers too!

“For 9 out of 10 folks it’s a really unique experience and they’re like ‘oh my gosh this is so cool’ and that starts a conversation: how does it work and how did they get it to know where each table is,” Agrillo said. “You get a little more personal touch with each table and I really like that.”

“Especially in today’s world, here comes a robot bringing your food to you, how’s the response going to be,” said Floyd. “And its actually been overwhelming, people have loved it.”

Floyd says they are looking for human wait staff as well. If you’re interested in applying for a job there, call the restaurant.