3 months into Centerville Turnpike Bridge closure, businesses feeling the effect

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — It’s been about three months since the Centerville Turnpike Bridge in Chesapeake closed for repairs.

10 On Your Side interviewed people from businesses at the base of the bridge in September.

Some businesses were worried their sales would drop because of the closure and detour.

Days into the closure, Majestik Auto Spa on Mount Pleasant Road said they had customers canceling their memberships. Three months after the closure, they said business is doing fine.

“We’re not dropping too much like losing too too much business or what not, so what we think is, most of the people that cancelled monthlies are going to come back once the bridge opens up,” said Denson Garner, a manager at Majestik. 

Amber Chaffin, the owner of Hotrodders Cafe, started offering a “bridge discount” to keep customers coming.

Chaffin said she’s still offering the discount, but she feels like she needed to do more to attract business.

“We decided as a family to open back up on Sundays to get us through this,” she said.

At the Centerville Animal Hospital, Dr. Amanda Hayden said she’s noticed more customers showing up late to appointments because of the detour that takes an extra 15 minutes.

Hayden said she’s also noticed more traffic.

“I think on a personal and professional level, the ancillary routes are very congested, so if you’re trying to get anywhere in a timely manner it’s hard,” she said.

The Centerville Turnpike Bridge is set to be reopened after Valentine’s Day 2020.