HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) — Codi Bigsby‘s great aunt, Jeannette Hinnant, says she cries herself to sleep at night wondering about who has the missing 4-year-old.

“If we knew, if we had any idea where Codi was, we wouldn’t be here today. Cory [Bigsby] wouldn’t be locked up today,” Hinnant said.

Speaking publicly for the first time since Codi’s father, Cory Bigsby, was named the only suspect in his son’s disappearance, Cory Bigsby’s aunt, uncle and sister recounted the investigation from their perspective on Friday.

“It hurts me every day, knowing that we can’t talk to him, knowing that he’s locked up. He’s innocent, he’s innocent — but you already said he was guilty,” Hinnant said.

Attorney Amina Matheny-Willard pointed the finger at Hampton Police Department and Commonwealth Attorney’s office for what they called a “derelict investigation.”

“Obviously, from the start they were biased. They treated this case in a way that was, umm, it didn’t do Codi any justice,” said Matheny-Willard.

Cory Bigsby is facing 30 felony charges for child neglect and child abuse. If convicted, he could face up to 162 years in prison.

The family claims they are unable to visit Cory Bigsby in Hampton Roads Regional Jail and that he is currently on suicide watch. Instead of focusing on Cory Bigsby as a suspect, his family maintains police should be doing more to find who abducted Codi.

“For the police chief to come out and say ‘Those people who claim to love Codi, if they could give more information,’ like how much more information do you need?” Tandaleyia Butler, Cory’s sister, said.

Instead, Matheny-Willard maintains that the Hampton Police have tunnel vision and are too focused on Cory.

“When Cory went to the police to report Codi missing, he did not confess to a crime that he didn’t commit. When they could not get him to falsely confess to a crime, they start denying him the right to counsel,” said Matheny-Willard.

There was no Amber Alert issued when Codi was initially reported missing, and this is something the family and his Matheny-Willard mentioned several times during Friday’s press conference. Police previously said that they could not issue an Amber Alert because there was no sign Codi was abducted. But Cory’s aunt and uncle said they strongly believe Codi was taken.

“Did the police ever go in that area where there are known sex offenders that live there and question any of them, to interview any of them? One of them could have seen [Codi] that night, walking outside, picked him up, took him home. He could be living with him now. You never know,” said Cory’s uncle, who preferred not to share his name.

“He’s a good dad. He’s not this villain that you think,” said Hinnant.

Earlier this week the family announced a $25,000 reward for Codi’s return.

The reward is being funded through Unleashed Entertainment LLC, a streaming platform that focuses on social justice issues.

Bigsby was reported missing back on January 31 from the Buckroe area of Hampton.

Matheny-Willard says Cory Bigsby is a “scapegoat” and has called the case a “modern-day lynching.”

When asked why they are coming forward with the reward now, the family said money gets people to talk and they believe this is what will bring Codi home.

Local search groups continue to search for Codi. If you’d like to assist in the search for Codi, click here.

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