NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Shelves at the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia and the Eastern Shore may seem full, but the CEO says the food will soon be gone.

“What you see in our warehouse today will most likely not be here in 2-3 weeks because the need is so significant,” said Ruth Jones Nichols 

Right now, food and monetary donations are on the decline, and get even more sparse during the summer.

“There are about 87,000 children who qualify for free and reduced lunch during the school year and those children won’t have those meals over the summer,” said Jones Nichols.

That’s why Jones Nichols says they’re thinking ahead.

They’re going to be partnering with Volunteer Hampton Roads to start the Hunger Heroes Corporate Food Frenzy, which challenges local businesses to collect as much money and food donations as they can.

They get to have some friendly competition against other businesses.

“During the summer months we typically distribute about 3.5 million meals. Our goals for this frenzy is to raise enough food and funds to provide 180,000 of those meals,” she said.

Jones Nichols says they don’t just focus on individual items, but work to give families actual meals.

She says each dollar goes a long way.

“When they donate a can of green beans, we can provide about 3 servings, if they donate a dollar, we can provide three meals,” said Jones Nichols.

She says over the summer months, many people are thinking about vacations and spending time with their families. There’s nothing during this time that reminds people to give.

She says that’s why they are creating a sense of urgency, so they can help fill the food gap they’re anticipating soon if they don’t get the help they need.