Local credit union says skimming device was placed on ATM


CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — A credit union that operates in Hampton Roads and northeast North Carolina says a skimming device was placed on an ATM.

ABNB Federal Credit Union said in a Facebook post a “limited number” of members have had their debit or ATM card impacted — and that may have been caused by the skimmer.

“I hear about it on the news all the time and I never expected it to happen to me,” said Chesapeake’s AJ Shifflett.

Shifflett was on his cell when he got an alarming alert.

“There was a charge that went through for $500 and I also got charged $1.25 for ATM fee,” he added.

Problem was that the Navy veteran and single dad never made a withdrawal in that amount.

“It was like that gut feeling like you’re on a roller coaster,”  Shifflett said.  “Somebody got me.”

The credit union said it is working with law enforcement to address the issue.

“They managed to get my card without actually having it in their hand and managed to fabricate a pin number to get money out of my account,” Shifflett added.

Anyone with questions about their account status or the device can call:

•    ABNB members can change their card PIN using this number: (866) 297 – 3411
•    ABNB Member Service Center (during regular business hours): (757) 523 – 5300
•    ABNB’s After Hours Debit Card Dispute Line: (866) 839 – 3685

The credit union did not specify which location(s) was impacted. They said the investigation is ongoing, but that it appears one, possibly two, ATMs were affected, within a two-week time period in June.

“Yeah it’s not fair,” Shifflett added.  “It’s wrong.  Who would stoop that low?  For somebody to do this just really makes me angry.”

ABNB recommends the following ways for consumers to monitor their account:

•    Locate and utilize your financial institution’s card “freeze” feature if you suspect your card has been compromised. ABNB members are strongly encouraged to utilize SecurLock Equip for their cards.
•    Review all accounts daily via online/mobile banking.
•    Set up e-mail and/or text alerts via online/mobile banking.
•    Carefully review your monthly account statements.

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