PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — The January 6 hearings have provided disturbing details about how former President Trump and his team spread false information about voter fraud, assembled the violent mob, and then tried to make the violence appear spontaneous. Congresswoman Elaine Luria, a former U.S. Navy Commander, says the former Commander-in-Chief is guilty of dereliction of duty.

Rep. Elaine Luria, D-VA (Photo: NBC/Meet the Press)

“The captain of the ship can’t just sit there for three hours, watch the ship burn to the water line and not take any action,” said Luria after Tuesday’s hearing. According to the committee’s schedule, Luria, a Democrat, along with Illinois Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger will co-moderate what is scheduled to be the final hearing, on Thursday, July 21.

Luria told 10 On Your Side the closing arguments will focus on the 187 minutes that passed after the former president’s speech during the so-called Save America rally near the Capitol building and his late afternoon speech from the Rose Garden.

“What we seek to show is that during those 187 minutes the president didn’t act; he didn’t do anything to stop the violence. He essentially sat silent when he had the opportunity to speak to the nation as presidents do from the Oval Office and tell the rioters to leave,” said Luria.

The historic hearings are coming to a close, but Luria says the threat to democracy is far from over.

“They are learning so much more about the scale and the reach of this. One of the things people ask me is- this was a year and a half ago -what I would say is it’s still a present danger today.”

Luria confirms her office has received threats of violence.

“We have received calls into the office and we have passed them along to the appropriate law enforcement as necessary. I would say that all members of the committee have been especially vigilant,” said Luria.

Several Hampton Roads residents have been arrested for their involvement in the insurrection that contributed to seven deaths.

WAVY-TV will provide live coverage of the closing arguments, now scheduled for 8 p.m. next Thursday night.