(WAVY) — We’re on the cusp of a new season, but images from this week gave us one last look at a long, hot summer in Hampton Roads.

We witnessed more street violence against our most vulnerable, and another hurricane chasing our southern neighbors. Our oceans swelled with tropical systems marching through warm September waters. But Sally broke from the crowd, and broke through the Gulf Coast.

That thin smoky haze outside our windows touched our senses from the West, which now resembles a chilling cosmic landscape. But fire of a different kind also lights the way.

We saw passionate neighbors in Norfolk decrying continued gun violence against our youngest and most helpless citizens.

Gratitude warms the soul. It’s why a Virginia Beach woman gathered treats for those frontline public servants who protect life and property.

And one man’s thirst for work refilled his spirit with a fresh cup of coffee, and a new business.

You are a spark. Potential that ignites the soul.

It reveals wisdom that burns bright — and lights the way.

Digital Extra: Light the Way Podcast ‘What Is Normal?’. Click on the audio player to hear how this series began.