Kaine calls for ‘common sense’ gun reforms after Virginia Beach mass shooting

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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Senator Tim Kaine is calling on Congress to pass more gun control laws in the wake of the Virginia Beach mass shooting.

He wants what he is calling common sense gun reforms, which include universal background checks and a ban on high capacity magazines, like the ones used in Virginia Beach.

Kaine’s call for more gun control comes a day after Governor Ralph Northam also called for an emergency session of the Virginia legislature to consider the same thing.

Virginia Republicans say he is moving too fast.

Kaine said he supports the governor, and while similar measures have failed both at the state and national level in the past, Kaine believes Virginians feel differently now because of the mass shootings in Virginia Beach and Virginia Tech, as well as a journalist killed live on television in Roanoke and everyday street violence.

Kaine said while there’s no one thing that will solve everything he thinks what will do the most good is universal background check and limitation on high capacity magazines.

The Virginia Beach shooter did pass background checks and owned his weapons legally.

We asked the senator: if legal gun owners were allowed to carry in more places, couldn’t they possibly step in and save lives?  

He answered: “Law enforcement generally feels like more people carrying weapons around, like weapons into city hall, don’t make people safer, it makes people less safe. So as we have the debates, any proposal on the table, let’s ask our law enforcement professionals whether they think that proposal will make us safer, or will lead to more violence, and then that information can help us decide what is the menu of solutions that we embrace.”

We then reached out to the National Fraternal Order Of Police, and the International Association Of Chiefs Of Police to get their stance on the issues.

The IACP Chiefs of Police responded with their complete Firearms Policy Position Statement.  We are still waiting to hear back from the FOP. 

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