Jury plans to reach final verdict Friday in trial of Portsmouth teen


PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — The jury will continue to deliberate Friday after reaching a verdict on all but one charge in the trial of a teenager accused of shooting a Portsmouth police officer.

Will Patterson, 16, could spend the rest of his life in prison if he is found guilty.

At the start of the trial, Patterson entered a not guilty plea on 12 felony charges, including attempted capital murder and aggravated malicious wounding. He is accused of shooting Officer Angelina Baaklini last November.

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A surgeon testified Wednesday that Baaklini was shot in a main blood vessel — and came within a few minutes of dying. She was saved by a tourniquet tied tightly to her thigh, according to testimony.

Jurors also heard from forensics experts who said bullets found at the scene matched with the gun Patterson allegedly used in the shooting.

The Commonwealth rested its case on Thursday, after Baaklini took the stand one more time. 

Baaklini said in her testimony that her injuries are improving, but she is still in physical therapy. She said that she does not have feeling in her left hand and fingers and from her knees to her ankles in both legs.

“I try my best every day to not walk with a limp … I am pretty aggressive with my physical therapy because I want to get better,” Baaklini said.

The defense rested a short time later, presenting no evidence.

In closing arguments, public defender Lakishi Stevenson said, “this is not a case of who did it. We all saw the body camera video,” but asked the jury to consider several lesser charges. 

Stevenson argued Patterson did not act with intent, which is required to be found guilty of the attempted capital murder charge. Stevenson also argued, based on medical expert testimony, that Baaklini’s injuries are not permanent and that she could make a full recovery. Proof of permanent damage is required to be found guilty of aggravated malicious wounding. 

“I am no way saying Officer Baaklini deserved to be shot,” Stevenson told the jury. 

Prosecutors argued Patterson formulated a plan in the back of Baaklini’s patrol car before firing his gun six times: “This is not child’s play. This is life and death.”

WAVY will be in the courtroom Friday morning at 9:30 a.m. Look for updates online and WAVY News 10 Midday. 

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