John-Henry Krueger wins the United States first individual speed skating medal since 2010.

Krueger was advanced to the semifinal after Sjinkie Knegt was penalized for imepeding.

“I thought I clearly passed him but the decision was different, so be it. Part of the sport,” Knegt said to the ISU.

In the semifinal, Krueger was able to stay towards the front of the pack throughout, avoiding any contact.

Samuel Girard won the gold in the event, while Seo Yi-Ra took bronze.

Lim Hyo-Jun, Shaolin Sandor Liu, Seo Yi-Ra, Sam Girard John-Henry Krueger made up the final.

Following the B semifinal judges reviewed the race for over five minutes, ultimately penalzing 1000m Olympic record holder Charles Hamelin and advancing Sam Girard.

World record holder Hwang Dae-Heon was involved in a collision with his countryman Lim Hyo-Jun at the finish line in the quarterfinal and was penalized.