Do not be alarmed if you see U.S. bobsledder Jamie Greubel Poser cheering for Germany in PyeongChang.

The 2014 Olympic bronze medalist is married to Christian Poser, a fellow bobsledder who competes for Germany.

Greubel Poser shared three things you should know about her husband.

He gives sentimental presents

Greubel Poser always travels with two things: a pillow and stuffed sea turtle.

Poser bought the stuffed animal for his wife when they went on their honeymoon to Greece, where they swam with real sea turtles.

“It’s a nice reminder that even if my husband isn’t there, that he’s still with me,” Greubel Poser said.

They are apart for much of the year

The couple went five months without seeing each other during the summer of 2017.

“Luckily we are going after the same goal and dreams of competing in our second Olympics,” Greubel Poser said. “It works because we get it. I don’t have to justify or explain why I’m doing things all of times I need to put my goal ahead of our relationship. It’s not something that works for everyone, but because we are both in it and going after the same things, it just works.”

They rely on technology to communicate when Greubel Poser is training in Lake Placid and her husband is training in Germany.

“Technology has gotten so much better,” she said. “In the very beginning, when we would be talking or catching up, I’d have to be sitting down at my computer or opening up Skype and making sure I had a good connection. Now it’s gotten to the point where if I want to talk to him this second, I could and I could see his face, and that has made everything so much easier.”

His hobby is raising cacti

Poser inherited a passion for raising cacti from his father.

“He loves learning about things,” Greubel Poser said. “When he is interested in something, he will learn absolutely everything about it.

While traveling during the winter World Cup season, one of Poser’s cactus plants died.

“If he’s home, that wouldn’t happen,” Greubel Poser said. “He wouldn’t let it.”