CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — Local mental health professionals and community service providers are working together to support the former patients of Dr. Javaid Perwaiz.

The Women’s Resource Collaborative was formed in December to provide support for patients who were impacted by the crimes committed by Perwaiz. In November, a federal jury convicted the popular obstetrician-gynecologist of performing unnecessary procedures and surgeries on women to make money on fraudulent insurance claims.

Perwaiz is awaiting sentencing for his crimes.

After his arrest, federal prosecutors and the FBI have been contacted by more than 500 former patients seeking help.

That help is what the Women’s Resource Collaborative hopes to provide for Perwaiz’ former patients. It will offer counseling, educational classes, and support groups to patients who are suffering from the physical, emotional, mental, and financial traumas caused by the OB-GYN’s crimes.

These services will be free or offered at a low cost to make them accessible to any former patient who needs them. The collaborative’s contact information can be found on its website.

“We know that patients are often victims and survivors who have struggled to be heard and faced obstacles to healing and justice,” the collaborative wrote on its website. “Sadly, in many cases some aspects of the harm caused by Dr. Perwaiz cannot be undone, but former patients do not have to suffer alone in silence.”

On its website, the collaborative also features a link to WAVY-TV 10’s extensive investigation into the OB-GYN, which is titled “The Patients v. Perwaiz.”

Our investigators spent more than a year interviewing dozens of Perwaiz’ former patients and coworkers and learning about the impact the OB-GYN had on the Hampton Roads community. “The Patients v. Perwaiz” is a 10-part series, with new episodes coming out every Thursday until April 8.