PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — A known member of the 600 gang was convicted of a misdemeanor crime and had a felony charge sent to the grand jury on Thursday, Sept. 29.

Cedric Rashad Davis, Jr. appeared in Portsmouth General District Court for a preliminary hearing on four charges connected to a shooting that happened on April 21 at the Save & Save Supermarket on 7th Street. A 16-year-old boy was seriously injured when he was shot in the head during the incident.

Judge Michael Rosenberg made the following rulings on Davis’ charges during the preliminary hearing:

  • Guilty: Shoot weapon across street/road (misdemeanor), $250 fine
  • Dismissed: Shoot in a public place, no injuries (misdemeanor)
  • Dismissed: Receiving/buying stolen goods (felony)
  • Certified to the Grand Jury: Felon in possession of a gun (felony)

Davis’ defense attorney, Leron Gilchrest, declined to comment on the judge’s rulings.

Portsmouth Police Department Det. Adam Siniscalchi testified that surveillance video from the convenience store captured the shooting. Although Siniscalchi could not identify Davis from the video alone, he said the 19-year-old later confirmed that he was present at the time of the shooting.

Siniscalchi testified that the video showed someone pull into the Save & Save Supermarket parking lot in a Nissan and back into a parking spot. The 16-year-old approached the car and had an interaction with the driver before getting into the passenger seat. Shortly after, another car drove past the convenience store, made and U-turn, and opened fire on the Nissan. The 16-year-old was injured in the shooting.

The video also showed the driver of the Nissan get out of the car and return shots at the other car as it drove away from the store toward Lincoln Street. Davis later admitted to police that he returned fire at the other car, Siniscalchi testified.

The driver of the Nissan then pulled out of the store parking lot and left the car across the street at an apartment complex. Officers found the car and the wounded teenager in the 500 block of Madison Street.

Detectives later discovered that the Nissan was stolen out of Virginia Beach. Davis told investigators that he bought the car for $200 from a group of men in Chesapeake.

Forensic specialists analyzed fingerprints found inside and outside the car. They identified Davis’ fingerprints on the outside of the driver’s window.

Davis was arrested on July 22 following a shooting involving police at Riverside Memorial Park in Norfolk. He’s currently facing charges in multiple jurisdictions:

  • Norfolk: Felon in possession of a weapon/ammo (not gun) – Next court date is Nov. 9
  • Portsmouth: Robbery, conspiracy, use of a firearm in the commission of a felony, violent felony possess/transport a weapon, malicious wounding, gang participation, and shooting a weapon across a street/road – Next court date is Oct. 3
  • Virginia Beach: Carjacking, conspiracy, and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony – Next court date is Oct. 27

Davis is a member of Portsmouth’s 600 gang, which police believe formed in the Southside Gardens neighborhood in 2015 after members of three other gangs joined forces. Investigators first documented the gang using the name 600 in October 2015 when three members jumped a person at Manor High School. Investigators have identified 45 people they believe are affiliated with the 600 gang, court records state.

Police believe members of the 600 gang have been behind a variety of violent crimes, including aggravated assaults, murder, and shooting at occupied dwellings. Investigators believe members of the 600 gang were also involved in a shooting that happened at a party at the Maplewood Apartment complex in Chesapeake in 2019. 10 people were injured and one person died during that shooting, according to court records.