Impostor home care workers are trying to get into homes, Sentara warns


NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — In the past few weeks there have now been two cases reported of people posing as Sentara workers, trying to get into patients’ homes.

“We’re particularly bothered by the fact that home care patients are visited by the scammers, they’re vulnerable people in their homes,” said Senior Communications Adviser Dale Gauding .

Sentara says a scammer called a patient’s home this week pretending to be a nurse. They then asked to stop by, and were at the home within minutes. 

“Our home care patient’s stepson let this woman in the house. She actually approached the patient’s bedside and coincidentally the patient was on the phone with a Sentara physical therapist arranging the next visit,” Gauding said.

Gauding says the physical therapist then asked to speak with the person, who turned out to be a fraud.

“The so called nurse took the phone, listened for a second and said, ‘I have to get something from the car,’ walked out and never came back,” Gauding said.

He also spoke about another suspicious visit a few weeks earlier. 

“A woman’s husband was in our hospital, in our hospital in Virginia Beach, went home for a break and someone showed up at the door and said ‘I’m a social worker and we need to see your husband’s medication.’ The woman got suspicious of this and refused to do it,” Gauding said.

Gauding doesn’t know how these imposters learn where the patients live, but he says each home care worker has to be wearing a badge 

“You have to have this photo ID, it’s got the Sentara logo on it and in some cases our specialists will have another badge that will say RN or LPN.

And if they don’t, he says don’t let them in.

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