NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – As temperatures start dropping, many people can expect to see their energy bill prices spike.

Dominion Energy Regional Spokesperson Cherise Newsome explained why.

“So, in people’s homes what they’re often times doing is switching back and forth between cooling and heating and that’s when they may see spikes in the bill,” Newsome said

She provided a solution to this problem, Dominion Energy’s online energy audit.

The audit asks customers a series of questions including what lightbulbs you use and do you see cracks in your windows.

Based on the answers, Dominion will send people a free box of items to help customers use energy in their homes more effieciently.

Each box of equipment can vary depending on what each person needs, but Newsome showed an example of what customers can recieve.

“Here’s an example of some of the weather stripping that you might get as well, to help seal windows and doors and other little crevices around your home. Examples of other lightbulbs that you might get, and a power strip.”

That power strip shuts off automatically when whatever your charging is done using up energy.

In addition to those items people can get caulking to seal windows, showerheads that regulate the amount of water you use, and more.

Every Dominion Energy customer is able to complete the audit however there are some requirements you must meet in order to be able to get those free items.

“You do have to be the account owner, usually it’s better for people who have homes or live in individual homes.”

She said the initiative is a part of Dominion’s mission to provide safe and affordable clean energy.

She had a lasting message for customers looking to save a little extra cash this time of year.

“Take a look at your home, find ways to save energy and keep some more money in your pocket.”

For the full list of requirements and the energy audit quiz go to Dominion