PYEONGCHANG, South Korea (Nexstar) – What do the Olympics and the World Series have in common? Everything according to Jonathan Garcia, a speed skater form Texas competing in PyeongChang.

There’s been a lot of build-up to Garcia’s second Olympic run. He’s been in PyeongChang since February 2, for two weeks of training in the oval.[WATCH Jonathan Garcia channel World Series for motivation]

“Now that it’s getting closer and closer to my race we train less and less so I have a lot of off time,” he explained.

Garcia has been using some free time to keep up to speed with his journey on social media.

“Yeah it’s been something I’ve kind of enjoyed like something fun and trying to be goofy and it’s nice being able to share my Olympic experience with the people back home in Texas,” he added.

With his state and hometown of Houston behind him, Jonathan is also hoping an Astros flag over his bed in the athlete’s village will help his Olympic dreams come true.

“Yesterday I watched the entire, the entirety of game five of the World Series it just brings back that energy and it was such an amazing game,” Garcia said.

Garcia posted this picture on Instagram saying he was channeling his inner Jose Altuve, the Astro’s second baseman.

So, is he a bigger Astros fan or fan of speed skating?

“Ah that’s a tough one I’ve been an Astros fan longer than I’ve been skating,” he said. “Hopefully I can fulfill one of my dreams of throwing out the first pitch I’ve been practicing.”

His parents and girlfriend made the trip to South Korea to watch him race.

“My girlfriend is I think the best out of everybody as far as calm energy. I love having her around because she calms me down, too especially if I’m nervous,” he said.

Garcia says this is his last chance at a medal after devoting 10 years to Olympic training. He competes Monday, or Sunday evening US time.