HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) — Throughout Black History Month, 10 On Your Side is telling hidden histories — stories that have gone untold in our communities for far too long.

This year marks the 400th commemoration of the first enslaved africans brought to English North America. And, it happened in Hampton Roads.

In 1619, about 20 africans were brought against their will to Point Comfort, which is where Fort Monroe is located today. 

Calvin Pearson, president of Project 1619, said, “The commemoration is about education, understanding, healing and reconcilation. We need everyone to understand that 400 years ago, our ancestors were brought here in chains and against their will. But their sacrifice over the past 246 years of free bondage created a country that’s one of the greatest in the world.”

Tonight at 5:30, Kara Dixon kicks off our Hidden Histories reports by looking into the 400th commemeration and what it means for our region and country.