Hertford councilman says he threw punch in self defense

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HERTFORD, N.C. (WAVY) – A Hertford Town Councilman admits he punched a fellow member in the face.

Quentin Jackson was charged with assault after punching Sid Eley.

“It was all self defense,” Jackson said.

Monday night, after the town council meeting, is when the confrontation took place.

Jackson says as he was packing up his things he asked Eley why he planned not to support the Democrats in the November election.

“He was standing there gathering his stuff as I asked him the question he literally pushed these two chairs came at me,” Jackson added.

According to court records, Eley wrote that Jackson kept telling him to get out of his face.  Eley told police he backed up, but then Jackson threw a punch.  It hit Eley in the temple and knocked his glasses off.

“I got him away from me,” Jackson said.  “There wasn’t intent where I just tried to go at him and tried to assault him.  None of that happened.  Now people are saying that you maliciously assaulted that guy and you tried to hurt that guy. None of that is true.”

Eley didn’t want to go on camera, but says he stands behind his statement to police that he didn’t cause the punch.  Jackson was charged with simple assault.  

10 On Your Side dug through court records and found Jackson has a lengthy record. More than 15 charges, including resisting arrest, assault by pointing a gun and traffic offenses.  Most of the charges have been dismissed or found not guilty.

“The people trying to blow this thing up,” Jackson said.  “It is simply not true and it is hurtful.  This guy is my old football coach. He is my 7th grade teacher. He taught me science. Why in the world would I want to assault this guy?”  

Jackson says he plans to file assault charges on Eley.

Jackson goes to court on his charge October 10. 

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