PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — “Tell my mom that I love her.”

Officer Angelina Baaklini says she told her fellow officers to pass along a message to her mom while she was bleeding out in the back of an ambulance Nov. 6.  

Baaklini took the stand Tuesday and told the jury about the pressure and pain she felt after getting shot five times. 

“I wasn’t going to last much longer. I knew I was dying,” said Baaklini. “I knew I was bleeding out. It was getting difficult to breathe.”

Will Patterson, 16, is on trial for attempted capital murder of Baaklini. He pleaded not guilty on Monday to the 12 felonies against him. 

After opening statements, prosecutors played Baaklini’s body camera video. 

Patterson can be heard saying, “What I do?”

Moments later, as Baaklini attempted to put handcuffs on the teenager, six gunshots ring out. 

Baaklini yells, “Officer shot! Officer shot! Officer shot!” and then “Help me.”

Geravis Brown, a retired law enforcement officer with 45 years of experience, testified he witnessed part of the interaction between Baaklini and Patterson from his kitchen window.

Brown says it appeared Patterson was being combative towards Baaklini’s commands. When Brown heard the gunshots, he ran toward the officer and used her radio to call for help. Brown told the jury he saw Patterson running from the scene.

On Nov. 6, Baaklini says she spotted Patterson on his bike near Turnpike Road and followed him for three blocks while she waited for backup to arrive. Baaklini testified that she knew he was listed as a runaway. 

Before backup could arrive, Baaklini says she stopped her patrol car abruptly on Hickory Street. She says Patterson hit the back of her patrol car and fell off the seat of his bike. 

It’s at that point when Baaklini turns on her body camera. 


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