HAMPTON ROADS, Va. (WAVY) – In this WAVY Digital Desk conversation, Host Sarah Goode speaks to Dr. Grayson, M.D., Sentara Family Medicine and Pediatrics Edinburgh. Watch the conversation in the video player on this page.

They speak about general physical and mental health for the year. Conversation topics include, maintaining health goals, the importance of yearly physicals, staying healthy during winter months, and more.

Dr. Grayson offered advice to people working towards resolutions this year. “Start off small.” As an example, if your goal is to run a mile, don’t jump right in to running a full mile, start with a half-mile. Slowly work up to your goal, and build momentum.

With rising food prices, it is difficult to find affordable and healthy options. Dr. Grayson says, although fast food and calorically dense food might be cheaper options, use moderation. Instead, try to plan meals out for the week and look for items like rice, beans, and less expensive fruits and vegetables.

To hear more general health advice and guidance from Dr. Grayson, watch the full conversation.